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Already Gone (Tempchin/Stradlund) Artist Unknown MIDI (60k)
Best of My Love (Henley/Frey/Souther) John R. Bloise, Sr. MIDI (34k)
Desperado (Henley/Frey) David Dill MIDI (10k)
Heartache Tonight (Henley/Frey/Seger/Souther) Kris Kelley MIDI (45k)
Hotel California (Henley/Frey/Felder) LowCPM MIDI (18k zipped)
I Can't Tell You Why (Schmit/Henley/Frey) K-Vaughn-B MIDI (33k)
In the City (Walsh/DeVorzon) Kris Kelley MIDI (50k)
The Last Resort (Frey/Henley) Kris Kelley MIDI (63k)
Life in the Fast Lane (Walsh/Henley/Frey) LowCPM MIDI (63k)
The Long Run (Henley/Frey) Artist Unknown MIDI (51k)
Love Will Keep Us Alive (Vale/Capaldi/Carrack) Christopher J. Roy MIDI (14k)
Lyin' Eyes (Henley/Frey) Artist Unknown MIDI (58k)
New Kid in Town (Souther/Frey/Henley) Kris Kelley MIDI (55k)
One of These Nights (Henley/Frey) Artist Unknown MIDI (64k)
Pretty Maids All in the Row (Walsh/Vitale) Kris Kelley MIDI (28k)
The Sad Cafe (Henley/Frey/Walsh/Souther) Kris Kelley MIDI (64k)
Seven Bridges Road (Young) Ken Hodges MIDI (15k)
Take It Easy (Browne/Frey) Artist Unknown MIDI (73k)
Tequila Sunrise (Henley/Frey) Ken Hodges MIDI (35k)
Those Shoes (Henley/Frey/Felder) Kris Kelley MIDI (44k)
Try and Love Again (Meisner) Kris Kelley MIDI (24k zipped)
Victim of Love (Felder/Souther/Henley/Frey) LowCPM MIDI (37k)
Wasted Time (Henley/Frey) Kris Kelley MIDI (27k)
Wasted Time (Reprise) (Henley/Frey) Kris Kelley MIDI (15k)
Witchy Woman (Henley/Leadon) N.C.N. MIDI (21k)

Earth, Wind and Fire
September (McKay/White/Willis) Artist Unknown MIDI (50k)

Electric Light Orchestra
Can't Get It out of My Head (Lynne) Norma Williams MIDI (32k)
Don't Bring Me Down (Lynne) Heinz Kannengiesser MIDI (48k)
Evil Woman (Lynne) John Taylor MIDI (52k)
Fire on High (Lynne) Mike Boyce MIDI (60k)
Lights Go Down (Lynne) Blake Wallace MIDI (68k)
Mr. Blue Sky (Lynne) Mike Boyce MIDI (29k)
Prologue / Twilight (Lynne) Blake Wallace and Chris Rada MIDI (44k)
Rain Is Falling (Lynne) Blake Wallace MIDI (30k)
Roll Over Beethoven (Berry) Mike Boyce and John Bedggood MIDI (71k zipped)
Sweet Talkin' Woman (Lynne) Artist Unknown MIDI (46k)
Ticket to the Moon (Lynne) Blake Wallace MIDI (49k)
Turn to Stone (Lynne) Mike Boyce MIDI (76k)

Elmo and Patsy
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Brooks) Norma Williams MIDI (37k)

Emerson, Lake and Palmer / Emerson, Lake and Powell
C'est La Vie (Lake/Sinfield) Mike Le Voi MIDI (11k)
Father Christmas (Lake/Sinfield) Larry Soprano MIDI (22k)
From the Beginning (Lake) Artist Unknown MIDI (25k)
Karn Evil #9 (First Impression, Part One) (Emerson/Lake) Artist Unknown MIDI (51k zipped)
Karn Evil #9 (Second Impression) (Emerson) Sigenori Minami and Mike Le Voi MIDI (65k)
Karn Evil #9 (Third Impression) (Emerson/Lake/Sinfield) Sigenori Minami and Mike Le Voi MIDI (30k zipped)
Lucky Man (Lake) Mike Le Voi MIDI (41k)
Still... You Turn Me On (Lake) Michel de Repentigny MIDI (21k)
Tarkus (Emerson/Lake) Artist Unknown MIDI (26k zipped)
Toccata (Ginastera/Emerson/Palmer) Sigenori Minami and Mike Le Voi MIDI (86k)
Touch and Go (Emerson/Gould/Lake/Lake) Gennaro Marchese MIDI (40k)

Sadeness, Part 1 (Curly MC/Gregorian/Fairstein) Raphael Pungin MIDI (29k)

Afer Ventus (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (14k)
Angeles (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (9k)
Anywhere Is (Enya/Ryan) Luis E. Rodriguez MIDI (33k)
Athair Ar Neamh (Enya/Ryan) Dean Scott, after Jeremy Ho MIDI (18k)
Bard Dance (Enya) T. T. Tran MIDI (7k)
Boadicea (Enya/Ryan) Jeremy Ho MIDI (8k)
Caribbean Blue (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (27k)
The Celts (Enya/Ryan) Jeremy Ho MIDI (22k)
China Roses (Enya/Ryan) Rex Hermogino MIDI (14k)
Cursum Perficio (Enya/Ryan) Rex Hermogino MIDI (25k)
Ebudae (Enya/Ryan) Eric J. Francois MIDI (5k)
Epona (Enya) Artist Unknown MIDI (10k)
Evacuee (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (13k)
Evening Falls (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (6k)
Exile (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (9k)
Fairytale (Enya) Jeremy Ho MIDI (10k)
From Where I Am (Enya) Johannes Karhula MIDI (3k)
Hope Has a Place (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (8k)
How Can I Keep from Singing (traditional) Johannes Karhula MIDI (8k)
I Want Tomorrow (Enya/Ryan) T. T. Tran MIDI (6k)
The Longships (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (6k)
Lothlorean (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (5k)
Marble Halls (Balfe) Johannes Karhula MIDI (6k)
The Memory of Trees (Enya/Ryan) Jeremy Ho MIDI (20k)
Miss Clare Remembers (Enya) Artist Unknown MIDI (5k)
Morning Glory (Enya) Johannes Karhula MIDI (4k)
Na Leatha Geal Moige (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (6k)
No Holly for Miss Quinn (Enya) Artist Unknown MIDI (9k)
Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) (Gruber/Mohr) Jeremy Ho MIDI (6k)
Once You Had Gold (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (7k)
Only If (Enya/Ryan) Boriel MIDI (84k)
Only Time (Enya/Ryan/Ryan) Heinz Kannengiesser MIDI (12k)
On My Way Home (Enya/Ryan) Howard R. Farrar MIDI (36k)
On Your Shore (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (8k)
Oriel Window (Enya) Johannes Karhula MIDI (4k)
Orinoco Flow (Enya/Ryan) Artist Unknown MIDI (39k)
Pax Deorum (Enya/Ryan) James Yeo MIDI (10k)
Portrait (Out of the Blue) (Enya) Johannes Karhula MIDI (5k)
The River (Enya) Jeremy Ho MIDI (19k)
'S Fagain Mo Bhaile (Enya/Ryan) Jeremy Ho MIDI (9k)
Shepherd Moons (Enya) Artist Unknown MIDI (12k)
Storms in Africa (Enya/Ryan) Peter Pehrson MIDI (15k)
The Sun in the Stream (Enya) Jeremy Ho and RRR Phang MIDI (10k)
Tea-House Moon (Enya) Jeremy Ho MIDI (11k)
To Go Beyond (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (10k)
Triad (Enya/Ryan) Johannes Karhula MIDI (16k)
Watermark (Enya) Artist Unknown MIDI (7k)
Willows on the Water (Enya) Jeremy Ho MIDI (20k)

Here Comes the Rain Again (Lennox/Stewart) T. T. Tran MIDI (63k)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Lennon/Stewart) T. T. Tran MIDI (50k)
Who's That Girl (Lennon/Stewart) T. T. Tran MIDI (30k)

The Everly Brothers
All I Have to Do Is Dream (Bryant) Artist Unknown MIDI (21k)
Bye Bye Love (Bryant/Bryant) Artist Unknown MIDI (40k)
Cathy's Clown (Everly/Everly) Gary Rogers MIDI (22k)
Let It Be Me (Becaud/Curtis/Delanoe) Chris Schafehen MIDI (32k)
When Will I Be Loved (Everly) Gary Rogers MIDI (22k)

Kiss You All Over (Chapman/Chinn) Chris Rada MIDI (24k)

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