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Dig Dug Geneology

1982 - Dig Dug - Dig your way underground, searching for veggie treats while tangling with inflatable enemies.

1985 - Dig Dug II - The action moves above ground, and Dig Dug gets a new weapon, a jackhammer, in his battle against Pooka and Fygar. This lesser known arcade sequel was then ported to the Japanese Famicom and its American counterpart, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

1996 - Dig Dug Arrangement - In celebration of their pioneering video game titles, Namco went back and "remixed" six of their more popular games, spicing them up with new graphics, new sound effects and music, and new elements of gameplay.

1999 - Mr. Driller - This puzzle game began development as a Dig Dug sequel but then turned into a spin-off featuring Dig Dug's son, known as Mr. Driller. Mr. Driller has become a successful series in its own right, spawning several sequels, some of which also feature Dig Dug. The series also reveals Dig Dug's "real" name, Taizo Hori. His son is Susumu Hori.

2001 - Dig Dug Deeper - This PC release combines ideas from Dig Dug and Dig Dug II and adds a few new twists along with the now-expected 3D enhancements.

2005 - Dig Dug: Digging Strike - Released for the Nintendo DS and sometimes called Dig Dug DS, this game continues the story of both the original Dig Dug and his son, Mr. Driller. Similar to Dig Dug Deeper, the game's action takes place both above ground and below.

2007 - Dig Dug Island - Dig Dug is turned into an online multiplayer game, with battles taking place above ground, much like Dig Dug II.

2009 - Dig Dug Remix - This is Dig Dug Arrangement in disguise, minus the multiplayer bits, and released for Apple iPads and iPhones.