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How to Play Centipede

In this strange forest of mushrooms, it seems nothing is your friend! Pesky spiders leap out at you. Speedy fleas drop from above. Mischievious scorpions leave a trail of poison behind them. And worst of all, the centipede marches ominously back and forth, hoping to overwhelm you in its attack! But you didn't come unarmed in your visit to this land. With your trusty magic wand, you can save yourself from these bugs by turning them all into new mushrooms. Victory does not come easily, though, for once you have silenced one centipede, another will soon take its place. How long can you last?

At the start of the game, a single centipede attacks, with a head followed by eleven segments. Shooting the head turns the segment behind it into a new head. Shooting a segment in the middle causes the centipede to split into two smaller centipedes. If you can shoot all twelve parts, either as heads or segments, a new centipede will appear. Gradually, new centipedes will attack with fewer segments, but at the same time more indepedent centipede heads will join in the attack. Finally, all you will see are twelve independent heads, all attacking at the same time. Blast them all to see a new, whole centipede again, after which the cycle repeats itself.

Early in the game, most waves of segments vs. independent heads will appear twice. The first time, the segmented centipede will march more slowly than the independent heads. The second time, they're all the same speed, and moving quickly. Eventually, when your score is high enough, each wave will appear only once, with the centipede always moving at the higher speed.

Joining the centipede in its attack are three other enemies, each with their own skill at being a nuisance. Spiders leap across the lower part of the field, devouring any mushrooms and players they can. Starting with the second centipede, fleas zoom down the playfield, planting mushrooms along the way. Starting with the third centipede, scorpions wander across the top part of the field, poisoning any mushroom they touch. If a centipede hits a poisoned mushroom, it will march straight down toward you!

Shooting a bug, or a centipede body segment, turns it into a mushroom and awards you points. Centipede heads are worth more than segments. Spiders are worth more then closer they are when you hit them. Fleas must be shot twice, and move more than twice as fast after the first hit! Scorpions are worth the most points, but don't let that distract you from closer enemies. Mushrooms can also be shot, and while they aren't worth a lot of points, clearing a path is often necessary to get to the bugs.

If any part of a bug touches you, you lose that life. The game then awards bonus points for all wounded or poisoned mushrooms still on the playfield. Sometimes these points are just enough to get you to the next extra life, but don't count on that too often!