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How to Play Xevious

As soon as the player's fighter, the Solvalou, appears, enemies are on the attack. Use the blaster to vaporize flying enemies, and the zapper to bomb ground placements and tanks. Then, once you've covered enough ground, get ready for the enemy mothership! Bomb its weak spots and put it out of commission, and then prepare for a whole new level, where the enemies are even less forgiving!

Each flying enemy has its own style of attack. Some are easy to predict and plan for, while others are more devious, attacking from a blind spot or even appearing out of thin air! The harder the enemy's challenge, the more valuable it is when destroyed.

Some ground placements will fire at you, and a few will fire very early and quite often. Use the Solvalou's cross-hairs to aim. A single, well-aimed bomb can dispatch two or even four placements. Some structures can sustain multiple hits, but even these have a weak spot, letting you take them out with a single shot.

Two types of tanks move across the ground. One type will fire at you, but these move slowly and are generally easy to deal with. The other doesn't fire, but can be a distracting nuisance by changing speed and even direction unpredictably. Be careful that you don't become too engaged that another, more deadly enemy catches you off guard!

Sometimes a ground placement isn't so easy to spot, hidden beneath the ground. In some cases, the Solvalou's cross-hairs will reveal these areas, but not always. Extra points and even extra lives can be found if you know where to look.