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First-Person Psuedo 3-D Racing Games

Car racing is now its own video game genre, with many new titles coming out every year. Even a list of just the first-person racers would be far too long to be of any use. So, this is a list of games like Night Driver and Pole Position, games that aren't truly 3-D, yet do a very good job making themselves look 3-D, with a first-person perspective of the race track. Sometimes these games are said to have a "2.5-dimensional" presentation.

Night Driver - It's late at night, and all you can see are the pylons on the side of the road. Stay alert as you navigate the turns of the long road in the shortest amount of time. This early arcade racer also saw a port on the Atari 2600.

Pole Position - In what is inarguably the most successful and influential racer of the 1980s, you must drive the Fuji Speedway to claim your position in a four-lap race, and then fight to stay alive and complete the race before time runs out. An arcade sequel was also released, featuring three new tracks along with Fuji.

Enduro - This Atari 2600 exclusive was Activision's answer to Pole Position. You're in for a long drive through different environments and different times of the day as you try to pass as many cars as possible.

Pitstop - Epyx's racer for 8-bit computers was nothing special, but its sequel made the history books. Pitstop II was the first first-person racer to offer head-to-head competition, using a split-screen view.

TX-1 - This arcade game not only was the first racer to let drivers choose different roads to take, it presents its action across three screens!

Richard Petty's Talladega - The King lent his name to this 8-bit racer that made a slightly greater attempt at realism, at least in game mechanics. Pit stops and drafting come into play, and the race is over even if you crash just once.

Hang-On - Motorcycles replace race cars in this Sega arcade game.

Enduro Racer - Another arcade motorcycle racer from Sega. This one takes you off-road.

OutRun - Beautiful graphics, a Ferrari with a blonde in the passenger's seat, and one of the most memorable video game soundtracks of the decade helped make this Sega arcade racer one of the most popular, second only to Pole Position. Many sequels followed, both in the arcade and at home.

RoadBlasters - Don't just race. Destroy! While zipping across the countryside and trying to reach the goal before running out of fuel, you must also dodge and/or destroy a variety of enemy vehicles in something of a first-person twist on Spy Hunter.

Rad Racer - American NES owners pining for a Pole Position or an OutRun had to settle instead for this game. Actually it's not bad as far as OutRun knock-offs go. A sequel later appeared, also for the NES.

Final Lap - Considered by many to be a continuation of the Pole Position series, this Namco racer also takes place on the Fuji Speedway. Sequels and a role-playing spin-off called Final Lap Twin were later released.

Power Drift - A cast of wacky drivers and over-the-top courses full of hills, jumps and bridges make this Sega arcade game stand out from other racers.

Fatal Run - You're not just racing against the clock, you're racing for your life and the lives of everyone waiting on the vaccine you carry. This post-apocalyptic racer was one of the last games released for both the Atari 2600 and Atari 7800.

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - A licensed racer featuring the Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. The game was released for several 8-bit and 16-bit computers, as well as the Sega Genesis. Two sequels followed.

Road Riot 4WD - Offensive weaponry and disastrously hilarious crashes highlight this combination on-road and off-road arcade racer from Atari Games. Ports were planned for several home consoles, but only the Super Nintendo version was released, making this the only Atari game turned Nintendo "exclusive."

Checkered Flag - This Pole Position style racer for the Atari Lynx was later remade into a polygonal 3-D racing game for the Atari Jaguar.